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Floor Trap Choke Service Singapore

Water chokage can be really messy and a havoc if you do not resolve it quickly! Just Imagine your whole house flooded with dirty waters which can cause health issues due to the bacteria! If there is a water chokage, it is best to consult a plumber as they will advise you on how to prevent water chokage from happening again. 

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water chokage service
Floortrap Choke Service

3 Causes of water chokage: 



  1. Oil / Grease – This culprit is one of the top reason of  a floor trap choke. As they get accumulate over time with other solid matter, the water flow will not be smooth hence leading to a chokage in no time. Always have a filter on your sink / basin. Most importantly do not throw any oil into the sink.
  2. Hair – Hair particles are one of the common causes of floor trap chokage. Hair will get bundles together with sticky particles, as time goes by it will form a object that cause the chokage of the water. 
  3. Food waste – Food waste is one of the main criminal of chokage, it can choke up your pipe really fast as it is easily accumulated. 

Water chokage issues are one of the common services we always provide. We understand the fear and panic when this issue occurs. No one wants to stay in a house that is flooded with water and smell. Hence, in our company, we always try our best to reach our customers’ place within 1 hour. At LJH Enginnering, we take responsibility of our clients.  


Plumbing ServicesUnit Rates (SGD)
Clearing of w.c. chokeFrom $80
Clearing of Floortrap (F/T) chokeFrom $70
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