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Whether is it a small leak, or a big leak, it’s still a leak, and can cause great inconveniences to your everyday work. Having a water pipe leak means there’s a good amount of water wastage monthly, and in some circumstances, you may experience irregular pressure flow in some faucets. Hence, it is always recommended to solve this problem early when the issue is still small.

Having a clogged waste pipe / toilet bowl can be a serious problem as you will not be able to flush unwanted debris out properly, which will cause your toilet to stink. Always stay calm and learn how you can actually do it yourself during such emergency. Click into this post to know the tips and tricks in clearing choke and reduce the hassle of calling a plumber, but instead be a plumber yourself! 

Plumbing and handyman services include a wide range of activities. Most of the times, it may look simple but the product may not work the way it should after you install it. This can be due to some missing parts, or wrong installations. This article will advice you on when you should call for professionals to ease your work.

When it comes to plumbing, it can begin from a clogged drain, to burst pipes which can cost you a bomb in paying for your water bills. Always provide good maintenance and service to your plumbing system to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Being a plumber is a skilled job, and a plumber has to know exactly what he’s doing. Many people are being tricked by contractors that claim to be able to do plumbing, but in fact, are not accordance to the code of practice and standard. Read this article to avoid having to spend more to fix your plumbing system right.

Most buildings and apartments have water tanks built on the rooftop, which then supplies water to your faucets. PUB water is clean enough for human consumption, but what happens if you do not clean your tank for many years? This article will give you a clearer insight to why Singapore can maintain clean water for end users.