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PUB submissions by Licensed Plumber

Water service and sanitary works are only allowed to be carried out by PUB Licensed Plumbers (LPs). This is to upgrade the industry’s standards with good quality potable water and treatment of wastewater. At LJH Engineering, we have a team of qualified and trained Licensed Plumbers, who abide to the rules and regulations of the PUB water supply standards for end consumers. We believe that both water service and sanitary plumbing has to be properly built and maintained to have an additional level of quality assurance for end users. Contaminations can be a serious health issue as wastewater carries bacteria and it can have a serious impact on the environment if not properly treated. Our team of Licensed Plumbers will conduct the necessary checks and if proper order, will carry out with the submission before actual works can be carried out.


PUB Submissions that we provide as a service :


  • Application for PUB sub-water meter 
  • Addition & Alteration works (A&A)
  • Relocation / Upgrade of water meter
  • Form B Submission 
  • Temporary Water Supply 
  • Water Tank 
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