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How do you know if your water pipe is leaking?


Having a pipe leak, or even any form of water leakage, e.g. taps leaking, toilet bowl leak etc, does not just mean leaking. In Singapore, we are working towards an environmentally friendly and saving country, and every household will get a good plumbing system, which can only be done and submitted to PUB by the PUB Licensed Plumbers. We all want a plumbing system that is both reliable and long lasting, of course, without any leaks. 

Because water leaks mean wastage on both water and money. You may think that it’s just drips of water, but when added up monthly, it can cost a bomb in your water bills! Hence, we should all work together in finding companies with PUB Licensed Plumbers, and one that is transparent and honest. Every building should be constructed with proper plumbing, or it will lead to water pipe leakage easily, which can cause damage to your properties or worst case, the electrical room!


Water pipe leakage is one of the more challenging areas in the plumbing industry, especially for conceal pipes. It takes years of experiences of understanding the plumbing system, isolating areas more prone to water leaks. However, you as home owners, can also detect leakages and undertake water pipe leak repair as soon as possible before the leak worsens. Below are tell-tale signs that you might have a possible water pipe leak :

  1. Increased water bills
    Having an increased in your monthly water bills may be an indication that your water pipes may be leaking. Have a check on your water meter to see if it is running continuously even when no one is using water. If so, you are having a water leak. It is always better to leave the rest of work to a professional. Engage a PUB licensed plumber to have it confirmed and rectify your issue.
  2. Peeling ceiling / walls
    Another common sign of water pipe leakage can be walls / ceilings starting to peel off. This is due to the accumulation of moisture in the paintwork, causing a bulge and eventually peeling off. Many contractors may not understand and only recommend to touch up on your paintwork due to wear and tear. However, this is definitely not a permanent solution and could cause your water pipe to leak in time to come. 
  3. Damaged walls
    Sometimes, having a water pipe leak can cause your wall to stain, if left for long, it could turn yellowish and damage walls. This can cause you more problems as you will need to spend more in fixing both pipes and walls. If you notice your walls constantly damp, please engage a PUB Licensed plumber to check for you, or simply call us for a free inspection. 

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