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Gas Contractor

LJH Engineering is a specialist in town gas. We are the licensed gas contractors in Singapore for over 20 years. Safety is always our top priority, not just for our workers but also end users. Our projects range from Condos & Good Class Bungalows to commercial shops and industrial plants in Singapore. Being licensed by the EMA, you can be assured that we take pride and knowledge in the works we do, from designing stage to completion, and even for gas inspection. We make sure our customers are happy and more importantly, have safe use of gas with thorough gas testings and finally commissioning.


Our area of gas works mainly lie in 2 categories : 


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Gas Inspection Singapore
Gas Pipe Installation Service

Gas is a very dangerous and risky system that is highly flammable. Please practice safe use at all times. Turn off the gas when not in use, and turn off the gas mains when traveling for long periods. Do not try to do any alteration to the gas pipes without first consulting a licensed professional (Licensed Gas Serviced Workers). Do regular checks on your gas pipes to ensure that it is in proper condition, not corroded / rusty. If you have any doubts, you can always call us for a free consultation, we’re always happy to help and advice.

For more information / enquiries you may contact our sales team at 96818862 / Email us at ljhengrg@gmail.com